On Israel’s “hard choices”

The word is that Israel is facing the decisions of its lifetime and apparently has to make some very “hard choices” in order to have peace with Palestinians. These “choices” include “compromising” on territories it has its settlements on. Another “threat” to Israel is the armed Palestinian Authority, therefore PA has to disarm itself. Last but not the least, a Palestinian state is an existential threat to the Jews, so Israel will also have to place a permanent army in West Bank.

Here is my take: Israel cannot possibly compromise on territorial grounds because Israel occupies the Palestine to begin with. Israel can only return West Bank, East Jerusalem, Gaza and the Golan Heights. Secondly, these are not choices, let alone hard ones. 1967 Palestine is under an illegal occupation, thus Israel is obliged to evacuate the Territories. Israel cannot pretend that its making these decisions painfully, especially when 1967 Palestine in only 23% of historic Palestine. Palestine has already been divided three times, and it’s the Arabs that have been making territorial compromises. There can be no more compromises if a viable Palestinian state is to exist. Israel also wants the refugees to be settled outside of Israel, which is against their inalienable right to return. Third, Israel is a nuclear state with one of the strongest armies in the world and is backed by the biggest military empire in human history. Israel cannot be harmed by stone throwing Palestinian kids, nor by Hamas rockets once Israel frees Palestine. One should also mention that only army in West Bank, a part from the IDF, is an American-trained army, which the PA uses to subdue Palestinians on behalf of the Israelis. Lastly, the Israeli demand that it should have a permanent military presence is a notion that no Palestinian can accept, because it’s asking the Palestinians to accept Israel’s right to occupy them. Palestine will be occupied even when it’s not occupied. If Palestinians accept this outrageous and illegal demand, then it will be a final nail in the coffin and Palestine will be forever maimed. 

- Jahanzeb Hussain 

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