West Bank: now and then. We can see from the map how Israel has dissected Occupied Palestine in order to annex all the fertile land and water resources. Palestinians are left in Bantustans where they live like animals with Israeli boots on their necks. These Bantustans are governed by the Palestinian Authority, which is very happy to collaborate with Israel and keeps the population under control by using an American-trained army. The PA has no legitimate authority over these scattered pieces of land and is essentially useless for the Palestinians. The only group the PA serves is Israel and they have the same role as the black leadership of the South African Bantustans. Here we should point out that other comparisons made between occupied Palestine and Apartheid South Africa are simply false. This is because the whites in South Africa needed the blacks as they were their workforce and the backbone of the economy. Israel, however, doesn’t care about the Palestinians and will leave them to rot once they annex what they want in the West Bank.  

- Jahanzeb Hussain