Jamiat Ulema-e-Islam : Women’s rights bill is against Islam

What’s happening in Pakistan (this is nothing new obviously – such madness is in the roots of Pakistan, including Iqbal and Jinnah) is similar to the Republicans in the US who use religion to block any progressive social reforms. Religious fanatics in Pakistan are a carbon-copy of the fanatics in the US. No wonder the Americans have been traditionally supportive of such type of extremism in Muslim countries, with their backing of religious elements in Pakistan and Saudi Arabia on top. Then there’s US support for Israel - a country with which Pakistan has many similarities and much liking and admiration as well. Thus, there are 4 main poles of religious fanaticism in the world: Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, Israel and the US, which is the Godfather of them all.

- Jahanzeb Hussain 

(Source : tribune.com.pk)

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