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The developments in Pakistan are coming to a head under the combined effects of the war in Afghanistan and the end-game strategies of United States, as well as the Pakistani military elite’s frantic efforts to save its face and its power in a country where the general public has been fed over the years on the myths about its supposed infallibility, incorruptibility and valor. Although, one needs to be blind, deaf and short on intelligence to believe in them, considering that this army has lost each and every war that it initiated: 1965 and 1971 wars against India, as well as the Kargil stand-off in 1999. It also holds the unenviable distinction of having had the most prisoners taken in any conflict in the world since the Second World War: more than 80000 by India in the 1971 war which led to the creation of Bangladesh. The only lands it has ever conquered are the spacious plots in the posh Defense Housing Authority (D.H.A), which are nearly the only residential localities in major Pakistani cities with civic amenities, green spaces, regular garbage collection and sewage evacuation.

In every world capital and indeed in the minds of many Pakistanis the question is arising whether the state will survive, and if it was ever viable. Any state carved out of an existing political and administrative entity would need an agreement between the federating units not only for legitimacy in legal terms but also for ensuring a lasting bond between various peoples inhabiting it. It’s worthwhile to see if there is a political contract which forms the basis of the Pakistani state.

Crumbling foundations of Pakistan need a re-invention