A few years ago in Karachi I was in a car with a few friends of mine, one of whom was in Pakistan Navy and the other one now lives in England. Someone mentioned something about the terror attacks in Mumbai in 2008 and the role that Pakistani security establishments might have played in carrying them out. It is a well-known fact that Pakistan Army uses Jihadi terrorist groups inside the country as a tool of its foreign policy against India. However, accepting the reality is not something anyone is good at in Pakistan. My friend who now lives in England said that Pakistan did not have anything to do with the attacks in Mumbai or any other attacks in India, while the one who is in Navy said that it was Pakistan that arranged the attacks. I was very surprised that a zealot from Pakistan Navy could pronounce such things, but soon after I found out that these guys see nothing wrong with terrorism; it is just that they do not want the world to point out that Pakistan has hand in such activities. Borrowing their words, it is a case of “Izzat” and “Ghairat”. The most accurate translation I have of these two words is: Respect and Dignity. What it means is that it is perfectly acceptable for Pakistan to be a terrorist country but, please, the rest of the world should not know or tell us that we are terrorists. We are a “Zinda Qaum”, or a prosperous nation, as long as we keep supporting jingoist fanatics to kill innocent people in another country; but God forbid if someone finds out what we do and put our dignity on the line. My conclusion: It is not so much that the emperor has no clothes, but the emperor does not like to be told that he is naked and everyone is watching.   

- Jz