Maybe I should stab myself so that at least I could feel something. 

Today, in Gaza. What is this? This is terrorism. And whoever, even remotely, supports this or thinks that the people of Gaza brought this upon themselves, is also a terrorist and a terrorist sympathizer.

Why, you might ask, is it important to have Western celebrities support Gaza? Or to, at least, be glad whenever they tweet even two lines about Palestine? It is because when those people who are paraded as heroes and preferable role models, those who are at the summit of the American dream, those whom every White kid dreams of emulating –– when those people support Palestine, it makes a difference in the minds of the Western audience. It creates dissonance. At least, it makes them think or rethink. You see, non-Whites can go to the moon and back for Palestine, but they can always be dismissed, even by petty and uneducated Whites, simply because they are non-Whites. But when a White celebrity––someone whom we are constantly bombarded to be like––also says what Arabs and Muslims say, it actually has the potential to make an impact. Maybe even a big impact given the television and celebrity culture of America. This is also the very definition of White privilege: when your opinion counts more simply because you are White.

I normally don’t pay attention to celebrity gossip but with scores of celebrities coming out in support of Gaza, I have to say it’s addictive.
Maybe Hamas gets weapons from Iran, maybe it doesn’t. Most probably, it doesn’t. But we all know where Israel gets its weapons from.
If Gazans deserve to be bombed for voting for Hamas then what do the British and the Americans deserve for voting for Tony Blair and George W. Bush ?
To put it crudely, Pakistan’s selective outrage is based on the infidel/Muslim dichotomy. They don’t notice any hypocrisy when they condemn Israel but stay silent – if not explicitly support – the pogroms against Shias, Ahmedis, Christians, and Hindus in Pakistan. In their mind, it is all for the defence of Islam. And to be very precise, Muslim over here is understood as Sunni Muslim.

Eid Mubarak to all of you. Let us celebrate this eid in the spirit of the Palestinian children who carry the future of Palestine in them.

Pakistanis are amazed that Muslim Palestinians are taking refuge and praying in churches as Gaza is bombed. 

Such acts of solidarity is not a big thing in Gaza.

But Pakistanis, who don’t know basics of civil living and co-existence, find this amazing. 

Just finished writing an editorial for Ricochet about Canada’s shameful position on Gaza. If the rest of the team OKs it, it will be published Monday.